Foot Care for Seniors

Reasons for Seeking the Help of a Chiropodist:

With age comes serious systemic conditions that affect your daily lifestyle. Many of these conditions present with symptoms that are experienced in the extremities first, such as your legs.

Such ailments include joint problems like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, circulatory disorders, diabetes, vision loss, loss of sensation and feeling in your feet (neuropathy) etc.

As a result, mobility and self-care become more difficult, and if wounds, ingrown nails, blisters and other injuries are left unchecked it can lead to more severe consequences.

Seeking professional help from a Chiropodist is beneficial because they work to maintain your mobility to ensure a healthy and active lifestyle and to prevent or treat disorders and diseases that can be debilitating. Lastly, a Chiropodist will provide patients with education on proper foot health.

6 Simple Tips for Best Foot Health Care:

1.  If able, check your feet daily for cuts and wounds or get someone to check for you.

2. Wear white socks, so any bleeding will be easier to see.

3. If you find it difficult or painful to reach your feet, have a Chiropodist cut your nails for you to avoid injuries or infections.

4. Wear shoes with good cushion and stability for comfort and support.

5. Keep an active lifestyle and maintain your range of motion.

6. See your Chiropodist for routine care, treatment, education and prevention!