Chronic ankle instability

Do your feet "roll in", "twist" or "give away"? Chronic ankle instability or injury is extremely common in the general population. Ankle instability can derive from repetitive trauma to the ankle ligaments through sports injuries, poor footwear and/or genetic anomalies. Injuries to the ankles if not properly treated over time…

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Foot Mobilization Therapy (FMT)

Foot mobilization therapy (FMT) is a gentle manual therapy that effectively reduces pain without the need of medication or surgery. This therapy can be implemented in a variety of treatment plans for foot pain, arch pain, heel pain and ankle pain. The technique involves guiding the foot through its range…

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Onychomycosis (Fungal Nails)

What is onychomycosis? Onychomycosis (Fungal Nails) is an extremely commonly fungal infection caused by an organism called Trichophyton rubrum. This organism not only infects the nail plate, nail bed and nail matrix, but also the surrounding skin. Toenail infections are more common than fingernail infections because of the moist environment…

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