Is the idea of showing your feet daunting?

It’s easy to ignore foot problems such as warts and fungal infections during the winter months when we can hide them under thick socks, warm slippers, and big boots. Hiding your feet becomes much more challenging as the weather warms up and sandal season rolls in.

Things like itching, redness, flaking, and odour of the skin or discoloured, crumbling nails could mean you have a fungal infection, while a tough, painful callus with small black dots might be a wart.

Warts and fungal infections can be painful, annoying, and down right embarrassing.

But all that suffering is unnecessary! At the West Mississauga Foot Clinic, we treat warts, fungal infections, and a range of other foot problems using the latest medical treatments and alternative medicine techniques.

If you notice any of these symptoms, contact us today at (905) 625-1555 to schedule an appointment with one of our registered chiropodists and make sure this is the last time you feel like you need to hide your feet!

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