Are you wearing properly fitted shoes?

We all want the best looking shoe, but that’s not always the best option. It is important that you find a shoe that fits your foot type. Even if you know your shoe size, you should get your feet measured by a professional or do this simple test.

While standing, place your foot on a piece of paper and trace around it.

Bring your foot outline to a shoe store. Place the shoe you like on top of the outline to see if it matches the shape. A good fit shoe should cover the outline of your foot with ½ inch space in front of your longest toes at the front of the shoe (toe box). Make sure you can wiggle your toes.

Some foot problems that cause deformities is hard to find a goof fit. In that case, look for shoes made of soft leather to stretch over deformity. If you have a bunion, the shoe may not cover the bulge on the outline. In that situation, look for a soft leather shoe to stretch over the bunion. For example, for bunions, buy shoes with wider toe box, for hammertoes, buy shoes with a tall toe box, for arch problems, you may need an insert.

Once you have found a pair of proper shoes, put them on and walk around. Be sure the shoes do not rub or pinch. Don’t expect the shoe to “break in”. If they do not fit at the store, don’t buy them. Be sure to put your orthotics (if you have) in when trying the shoe.

If the shoes feel good, congratulation! You have found your perfect fit!

Repeat the simple test each time when buying shoes as our foot size changes with time. When in doubt, ask your healthcare provider what kind of footwear you need.

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