Athlete’s Foot

What is Athlete’s Foot? And no we do NOT mean Josh Donaldson, Michael Jordan or Wayne Gretzky’s feet. Is it Mushroom  on your feet? Close enough. Athlete’s foot is a skin disorder of a fungus infection that causes a scaly, cracked rash between the toes. Athlete’s foot mainly occurs in adolescents and adults. It is caused by a fungus that grows best on warm damp skin.

The signs and symptoms of Athlete’s foot include itching, burning, redness and stinging on the sole of the feet or between the toes. The skin may flake, peel, blister or crack.

Athlete’s Foot also can spread to the palms of your hands, groin or underarms if you touch your feet and then touch another area of your body.

Unlike the name, Athlete’s foot does not just affect athletes: anyone whose feet tend to be damp or sweaty can get this infection.  Athlete’s foot is a very common problem so don’t be embarrassed to book an appointment with your chiropodist.

Is prevention possible?

Athlete’s foot is contagious. It is often spread in damp areas such as public showers or pool areas.

Tip #1: Dry your feet- and the spaces between your toes after showering or swimming.

Tip #2: Use a clean towel (avoid sharing towels)

Tip 3#: When using public showers (locker room), wear waterproof shoes or flip-flops to protect your feet.

Tip #4- keep your feet as dry as possible, try not to wear the same shoes or sneakers all the time.

When should you call your chiropodist?

-Your foot looks infected (yellow pus, spreading redness, red streaks).

– Athlete’s foot has not improved in one week.

– Your foot has not completely cured after using treatment for two weeks.

– Your feet is very painful.

– You are not sure what to do and need advice/treatment.

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