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Foot Mobilization Therapy (FMT)

Foot mobilization therapy (FMT) is a gentle manual therapy that effectively reduces pain without the need of medication or surgery. This therapy can be implemented in a variety of treatment plans for foot pain, arch pain, heel pain and ankle pain. The technique involves guiding the foot through its range of motion and strengthening musculature.

Foot mobilization therapy (FMT) is a continual therapy that requires a few treatments before results are seen as it takes approximately 6 weeks for connective tissue renewal. Generally, therapy that has the duration of 4 weeks yields a reduction of symptoms 30-50%.

FMT is a wonderful therapy that has been successful at the West Mississauga Foot Clinic. After 7 treatments (once a week intervals) one of our loyal patients has seen a dramatic decrease in her chronic arch pain, inflammation and joint stiffness. This treatment is highly recommended for those seeking drug free relief or for those looking to create a more effective treatment plan.