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Chronic ankle instability

Do your feet “roll in”, “twist” or “give away”? Chronic ankle instability or injury is extremely common in the general population. Ankle instability can derive from repetitive trauma to the ankle ligaments through sports injuries, poor footwear and/or genetic anomalies.

Injuries to the ankles if not properly treated over time leads to chronic instability and future ankle injuries. When an injury occurs ligaments are stretched compromising their integrity. Following a treatment plan in hopes of restoring ligament health and to prevent future injury is important. As in many cases, treatment plans are absent as many believe the injury will subside on its own thus ligament health is not fully restored leading to instability.

To combat an instable ankle, orthotics, bracing, post injury exercise, laser, ultrasound can be used in combination with other services to restore foot health.

During an appointment a comprehensive ankle and foot assessment will be conducted to map out the appropriate treatment plan for you. Take care of problem earlier on can avoid future complications.

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